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Hi everyone!

We have some exciting news for you. We just finished our latest project named: RESOURCES

With the release of our resources system it’s now possible to create resources within your system, like a Trackman, flightscope, simulator or anything you can think of, which allows you to manage your business that much better. Resources will be added to our Multipro academy tool, which will make sure your resource can be shared between all the pro’s at your location/venue

Practical examples:

Some practical examples of which problems our resource system will solve in your business:

  • Simulator bookings

With the resources system, our system can now be used to run an (indoor) studio, which allows your clients to book a simulator for either lessons or practice purposes. The resource system will make sure that no pro can be booked at times that all simulators are occupied and vice versa. A must have for the modern day simulator studio saving you a lot of administrative hassle.

  • No double bookings on rooms/teaching tools

The resource system allows you to not only setup your resources but the quantity of the resources as well. This means that if all resources within your organisation are taken at a certain time, it’s no longer possible to book them by either the pro or the client. No more disappointed clients or frustrated pros because of false promises.

  • Manage Staff availability

When you want to manage the availability of your staff, resources is also a great solution. If you want to make sure there is always someone available to greet your clients at the front desk or in the shop you can set up your pros as resources. With resources you can make sure that at any given time there is always someone available because your clients can not book when all but one staff member are already booked in. This will save you a lot of time comparing schedules etc.

More info:

The Resources are available in our Multipro academy at no additional costs. Therefore, everyone owning a Multipro academy will have access to these great features!

For more info or a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us via or take a look at our website joins force with APAC Golf Consulting to boost Asia Pacific sales have created an exclusive partnership with APAC Golf Consulting to manage and promote product sales across the Asia Pacific region.

About offers the best online agenda and coaching system for golf and other professionals in any profession and any market. Our online agenda offers everything you need for your day to day business. Created by professionals, for professionals!

If you think that booking a lesson for your clients should be easy, than our online agenda is the tool for you. You create the settings and the client can book an appointment with just a few simple clicks. Your agenda can be linked to any platform or website and can be accessed via any device. In addition inludes a state of the art client coaching and management system, allowing tou to improve your business and be more professional than ever.

Andy Kelly, Managing Director of APAC Golf Consulting, commented on the new partnership: “ is setting new standards for club and teaching professionals by linking online booking and coaching tools together. We are excited about introducing ProAgenda products to an emerging market, assisting Professionals to run their coaching businesses more efficiently.  ”

Jordy Hagedooren, Managing Director at Europe’s leading online diary company, says, “ is delighted to team up Andy and the team at APAC Golf Consulting. We are working together to reach a common goal, to provide products and services which support effective business practice, effortless user experience and a tool to drive additional revenue.

As an introduction offer, APAC Golf Consulting will be exclusively offering 10% discount on ProAgenda Annual plans for a limited period only.

For more information on ProAgenda products across the Asia Pacific region, contact Andy Kelly ( or visit

For UK and Europe region please contact directly for more info or a demo on the product news release Silvermere install February 2017

Silvermere’s 15 teaching professionals now use

The UK’s most successful golf centre, retail and teaching operation has chosen the market leading online diary and lesson booking system,, for its team of 15 teaching professionals

15 of Silvermere’s teaching professionals are now using a brand new online diary and lesson booking system, checking in with their customers whenever they want on their iPads and mobile phones to see who and when they’re teaching.

It’s been developed over the past eight years by Amsterdam based developers, and last year alone it was installed by 30 new customers in the UK for nearly 100 teaching professionals.

Director Terry Sims explains: “Not so long ago we were using paper based systems, and then we started using a modified online tee time booking app from BRS Golf. But with mobile technology developing so rapidly, we were acutely aware that tailor-made lesson booking diary apps for teaching professionals were becoming available, and so we looked at three of the best contenders.”

Sims continues: “We particularly wanted a system that handled lesson booking, that could manage all the diaries for our 15 professional staff at the same time, while also offering them a communications facility as well so each pro could communicate with each of their customers and vice versa.”

The value of this particular feature was made very clear by teaching pro Paul Martin of LeftHandedGolf, the niche business at Silvermere. Upstairs in the second tier of bays, a message came through to check with him about the timing of a customer’s lesson, and as Martin was going to be unable to get back in time for a particular slot, he was able to move it into a more suitable time 30 minutes later.

All that was done in a few seconds using his smartphone and his lesson diary. As Martin said, “This sort of thing used to be a nightmare, finding you’d been booked by someone on reception who didn’t know you couldn’t make that particular lesson on time. means we can all look after our customers much better, and completely avoid the risk of late shows which everyone hates.”

For Sims the choice of lesson diary and booking app was very clear, as he explains: “After looking at each system in depth, the basic drawbacks of two of them became very clear while one was way out in front: Unsurprising really – the guy behind it, Bob Kruijs, used to be a teaching professional, so he’s naturally understood everything any teaching pro ever needed in an online lesson diary.” has a major advantage over their competitors as well, as Sims outlines: “I really liked the fact that’s been developed over the past eight years and so its design incorporates everything they’ve learnt from their customers – that’s well over 200 in The Netherlands alone – and they’ve designed all this into their latest version of the system we’re now using. To me, that makes fundamentally a better and far more reliable choice of technology for a very challenging retail and teaching operation like Silvermere.”

Sims mentions some of the details he particularly likes: “For example, doesn’t try to be a bank that holds the money paid for a lesson. It can be enabled to take payments via a merchant account, but our retail strategy requires that customers come into the shop and pay, and works in the way we want – it doesn’t force us to change to their way of doing things.”

“Another feature I love is the ability to shuffle each of the 15 professionals’ diaries at will. We operate a rotation system so that if someone comes to book a lesson and they haven’t already selected one of our team, we can allocate him or more likely her to whoever is the next teaching pro in the ‘queue’.”

“It’s also easy to upload the recordings of lesson videos and flight tracking data from our own systems into each customer’s account, so they can see the things they’ve been taught, or even send us videos of their swings in between times for the teaching pro to make comments on. really has thought of everything!”

When it came to learning and training, Sims saw another advantage of choosing the team, as he says: “Once they’d got their heads round it, our teaching staff found it easy to learn as it’s pretty intuitive, and the team’s training is excellent. Over the five or six sessions we needed for all 15 of our professionals, Bob Kruijs and Jordy Hagedooren were amazingly patient and wouldn’t leave until they were happy that we’d all learned how to use properly.

Likewise, as someone who runs one of the UK’s most successful golf centre operations, Sims’s views on the comparative costs are revealing: “The cost of is competitive and in my opinion much fairer to each of our 15 professionals than one of the other systems, and while cost is less important than reliability and effectiveness at Silvermere, it’s nice to know that it’s not going to take an unfair amount off our teaching professionals’ lesson revenues.”

Sims found the decision to go with straightforward, as he points out: “Once we’d seen the demo, there was no comparison. All three apps look good upfront, but when you drill down into the features, is remarkably rich and multi-facted. They’ve already solved all the problems that have arisen over the eight or so years it’s been marketed in The Netherlands. So I’m very glad they’re now marketing in the UK.”

News release: PGA Swiss takes on as official partner

Top online PGA Professional’s diary and lesson booking system official partner of the Swiss PGA

One of the leading lights in the PGAs of Europe, the Swiss PGA has agreed to take on as their official partner for online diaries for their members.

In exchange is offering some terrific benefits on an exclusive basis to the Swiss PGA members. will immediately provide and support them with an ideal tool to use in terms of the internet and social media, an essential component of business development in the online world.

Russell Warner, Board member of the Swiss PGA and responsible for further education, commented on the new partnership: “ is setting new standards for club and teaching professionals by linking online booking and coaching tools together.”

He continues, “The Swiss PGA golf coaches are at the forefront when it comes to their education, and we are excited to give our members the opportunity to streamline their communication tools. It offers any golfer a simple way to connect with their PGA Golf Coach and will certainly ensure more golfers improve their games.”

Warner reflected, “It will also allow free up more time for coaching, allowing our PGA Professionals to focus on coaching instead of doing paperwork. The days of paper diaries are gone and this is the best product I have seen to date.”

Jordy Hagedooren, development manager at Europe’s class leading online diary company, says, “ is delighted to team up with a modern and progressive organisation such as the Swiss PGA. We’ve got the feeling that we both have the same mindset on the future of golf instruction and coaching, and are really looking forward on working with them and their members.”

For more information on products or a demo contact via announces major upgrades to diary and online payment system

We at are delighted to announce the release of two new major developments: the new version of the teaching professional’s diary, and an online payment feature for bookings and packages.

Online diary: faster and easier to use, especially in the MultiPro format

The online diary that a teaching professional’s customers will now see when they open has been significantly redeveloped and upgraded, making it even faster and easier to use via any internet connection and platform.

Besides all the current features, the new client-side diary benefits from a number of major improvements:

  • Academy view: showing the availability of multiple professionals’ in one view
  • Multiple locations: allows your customers to switch between your different teaching locations
  • Group appointments: enables list overview and diary view
  • Appointment packages: customers can buy and see their packages with one simple click
  • Profile and diary in one place: no more separate login
  • Branded styling: now you can brand your client diary in your own Academy’s brand colours
  • Mobile-ready: customers can now set up your online diary as an app on their smartphone
  • Styling and performance upgrade: makes you and your teaching business look even more professional.

Extensive testing of the beta version with potential and existing clients has already generated very positive feedback, especially for speed, styling and usability, leading one teaching academy with multiple locations to comment: “The MultiPro view for teaching academies is a must have when you’ve got several teaching professionals at one or more locations.”

You can see the new demo diary via


Payment system integrated into booking feature

The much anticipated new online payment system’s development has now been signed off and will be fully integrated into the latest application by the end of August.

For the teaching professionals, this will soon mean that all bookings and appointment packages can be paid for online by customers straight to your bank account, with all the consequential benefits to cash flow and streamlined banking.

Want to see it for yourself?

If you’re a teaching professional who wants to make things much easier for yourself and your customers, just get in touch. For a demo, a presentation, a free trial or simply to speak to someone for more information, please contact us via one of the following contact channels:


Twitter @proagendacom
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