Book golf lessons online

Book golf lessons online

Book golf lessons online: you and your clients will benefit

With ProAgenda, booking golf lessons becomes a breeze for you and your customers. Missing a booking, double bookings and overlooking open spots will all be a thing of the past with this online booking and coaching platform. With ProAgenda, you receive more golf lesson bookings and you can provide better customer service.

As a golf pro, you teach and play golf. That is what you do best! So why don’t you let a booking pro book your golf lessons?

Booking golf lessons online leads to great results

When offering more and more golf classes, organizing your bookings can become complex. Tasks like rescheduling, checking availability, sending reminders and confirmations will inevitably take up a lot of your time.

And when was the last time you instantly found the information you needed? For example, essential client information to improve your customer service.

When you run a golf academy, you face the same challenges, only on a bigger scale. Losing your overview and control is a real risk when growing.

ProAgenda offers solutions that convert time-consuming but essential tasks into quick and simple actions for you and your clients.

The results of working with ProAgenda are clear:

  1. More bookings.
  2. Better use of your available teaching hours.
  3. Improved customer service and retention.
  4. More effective marketing efforts.
  5. Better control over your business.

Imagine how great it would feel to know that everything is taken care of whilst you do what you love most?

Online booking of golf lessons saves time and creates a better customer service experience

This online booking and coaching platform has a lot to offer. It will free up your time, which gives you more hours to spend on the golf course. It will also help improve your customer service with its client-oriented approach. And your marketing efforts will become much more effective. The bottom line is that working with ProAgenda generates more income and saves time and costs.

ProAgenda frees up your time.

  • Booking golf lessons online is automated. Taking reservations for a golf course is fully covered.
  • Automatically sends reminders and confirmations to your clients, reducing no shows.
  • Creates a client database so important information is always readily available.

With ProAgenda, your fully booked golf lessons schedule is always up to date, without errors. Every booking comes with all the important information, accessible on any device, and it automatically synchronizes with your personal agenda. And you don’t need to spend a minute to achieve this!

ProAgenda improves your customer service and retention.

  • Your clients can check your calendar and reserve their golf lessons online, so they instantly feel more connected.
  • You can offer even more coaching. You can directly send media files with tips or a recap of the lesson to your clients.
  • Offers online payment options; a convenient solution for your customer.
  • Gives you detailed client information, allowing you to be well-prepped for your next golf class.
  • It integrates packages, vouchers and discounts, which can be linked to specific customers.

The client database that ProAgenda creates is an invaluable resource. This will definitely improve your marketing results. You can find, for example, your most active and passive customers and target them individually.

ProAgenda stores all data safely in the Cloud. You can access your data across multiple devices and extract all information with the export function.

Special solutions for your golf academy.

Understanding the complexity of running a golf academy, ProAgenda offers you important additional solutions beyond the professional handling of your online golf course reservations and the increased client focus.

These additional solutions in ProAgenda’s online booking and coaching platform all focus on scale. You have access to more resources, like coaches, simulators, locations, etc. You can offer different products, ranging from private lessons to a class and big events.

ProAgenda is your hub to automate and optimize your academy. It will give you some excellent tools to:

Optimize the use of all your resources.
Resources are part of the schedule and are clearly presented on one screen. Access is easily managed with separate user profiles.

Get much more out of your marketing budget.
You will have all the relevant customer information at hand, so tailored marketing becomes easy. Packages and promotions can be linked directly to your selected clients. Further, you will have personal branding options and can connect with many other platforms.

Manage your business based on actual facts.
You can easily retrieve data reports. These give you, for example, insights into which lesson types are popular and specifics about your monthly revenue.

Book golf lessons online; enjoy more and let your business grow!

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