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Hi Everyone,

Today we have launched the latest version of our app for iPad and iPhone. Our latest updates includes the following changes to the app:

  • New Agenda view

To keep our system on the app up to date with all the developments we are making for the online agenda we have decided to integrate the agenda web app into the iPad and iPhone app. This change will make sure that all the features that are available in the web app are now accessible on the IOS apps as well. This will also mean that all future web app developments will be available in the IOS apps on release. With the integration of the web agenda we also took care of possible synchronization issues. The IOS apps will still have offline availability but no longer for the agenda part, however we are looking for an option for this again in the future.

  • IOS 11 update

We made sure the app runs on the latest version of IOS without any problems

If you do have an issue or find a bug within the app, please let us know via September 2017 update

Hi Everyone!

We are pleased to announce we did a new release on our system containing some practical updates and bug fixes. Below you can find all the details of the release and all changes that have been made to the system. If you have any questions, feedback or find any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

System changes/updates:

  • Pro| It’s now easier to add clients to appointments using a tablet
  • Pro| Multipro shared members in academies our now also correctly visible in the iPad app
  • Pro| It’s now possible to add an end date to all packages linked to clients
  • Pro| It’s now possible to delete media in the web app
  • Client| Clients can now cancel appointments form their appointment overview
  • Client| Mobile scrolling improved
  • Client| Date format in emails changed to prevent confusion (example: 05/06 or 06/05)
  • Client| Added function where the client is shown the next available options when clicking a slot which is not available

Bug/issue fixes:

  • Pro| Fixed clicking issues where the system didn’t respond on the first click
  • Pro| Fixed scrolling issue in iPad where scrolling caused an immediate action
  • Pro| Fixed problems with recurring appointments
  • Pro| Fixed problems where editing a group course gave a ‘no valid date’ error
  • Pro| Fixed issue where group lessons in the past couldn’t be deleted
  • Pro| Fixed some minor bugs in the resources system
  • Multipro| Fixed a problem where client search gave double results
  • Multipro| Fixed a problem where all day events didn’t block the entire day
  • Client| Fixed some translation issues

What are we working on now:

  • We will be releasing a new version of our iPhone and iPad pro app real soon. In this new app we replaced the agenda tool for the web agenda tool. This way we can guarantee all the latest updates are always integrated in the app.
  • We are adding iDeal as a payment method for our Dutch customers
  • We are working very hard on getting the full coaching part integrated in our new web app and you personal agenda. This way your clients will have everything from their lessons to their coaching under 1 login page (your agenda)
  • More small improvements and bug fixes

If you have any questions about our latest release or system in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us at july 2017 update (Resources booking)

Hi everyone!

We have some exciting news for you. We just finished our latest project named: RESOURCES

With the release of our resources system it’s now possible to create resources within your system, like a Trackman, flightscope, simulator or anything you can think of, which allows you to manage your business that much better. Resources will be added to our Multipro academy tool, which will make sure your resource can be shared between all the pro’s at your location/venue

Practical examples:

Some practical examples of which problems our resource system will solve in your business:

  • Simulator bookings

With the resources system, our system can now be used to run an (indoor) studio, which allows your clients to book a simulator for either lessons or practice purposes. The resource system will make sure that no pro can be booked at times that all simulators are occupied and vice versa. A must have for the modern day simulator studio saving you a lot of administrative hassle.

  • No double bookings on rooms/teaching tools

The resource system allows you to not only setup your resources but the quantity of the resources as well. This means that if all resources within your organisation are taken at a certain time, it’s no longer possible to book them by either the pro or the client. No more disappointed clients or frustrated pros because of false promises.

  • Manage Staff availability

When you want to manage the availability of your staff, resources is also a great solution. If you want to make sure there is always someone available to greet your clients at the front desk or in the shop you can set up your pros as resources. With resources you can make sure that at any given time there is always someone available because your clients can not book when all but one staff member are already booked in. This will save you a lot of time comparing schedules etc.

More info:

The Resources are available in our Multipro academy at no additional costs. Therefore, everyone owning a Multipro academy will have access to these great features!

For more info or a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us via or take a look at our website joins force with APAC Golf Consulting to boost Asia Pacific sales have created an exclusive partnership with APAC Golf Consulting to manage and promote product sales across the Asia Pacific region.

About offers the best online agenda and coaching system for golf and other professionals in any profession and any market. Our online agenda offers everything you need for your day to day business. Created by professionals, for professionals!

If you think that booking a lesson for your clients should be easy, than our online agenda is the tool for you. You create the settings and the client can book an appointment with just a few simple clicks. Your agenda can be linked to any platform or website and can be accessed via any device. In addition inludes a state of the art client coaching and management system, allowing tou to improve your business and be more professional than ever.

Andy Kelly, Managing Director of APAC Golf Consulting, commented on the new partnership: “ is setting new standards for club and teaching professionals by linking online booking and coaching tools together. We are excited about introducing ProAgenda products to an emerging market, assisting Professionals to run their coaching businesses more efficiently.  ”

Jordy Hagedooren, Managing Director at Europe’s leading online diary company, says, “ is delighted to team up Andy and the team at APAC Golf Consulting. We are working together to reach a common goal, to provide products and services which support effective business practice, effortless user experience and a tool to drive additional revenue.

As an introduction offer, APAC Golf Consulting will be exclusively offering 10% discount on ProAgenda Annual plans for a limited period only.

For more information on ProAgenda products across the Asia Pacific region, contact Andy Kelly ( or visit

For UK and Europe region please contact directly for more info or a demo on the product Launches UK campaign news release how teaching pros can be ‘the PGA Pro in their customer’s pocket’
An online diary, lesson booking and video sharing app is transforming teaching pro’s businesses through their clients’ online experience

Designed by Dutch teaching pro Bob Kruijs and rated by customers as the best online diary, lesson booking and video sharing system available, is now making its mark in the UK.

Costing just £14 a month including initial set up, onsite training and annual support, the app works in laptop, iPad and smartphone modes, can be installed into a teaching pro’s and a golf club’s websites, and is being used via social media links as a marketing tool.

The app’s online diary and lesson booking features enable teaching pros to generate more lesson bookings, and the video sharing portal means they will add much more value to their clients’ coaching experience. For a free demo of this literally game changing software, go to .

Developed in The Netherlands, is the choice of PGA Professionals with over 200 installations at Dutch golf clubs. Managing partner Bob Kruijs and product manager Jordy Hagedooren have appointed PGA Professional Guy Woodman to spearhead their UK sales, and de Haan & Associates will help drive their marketing and communications.

Making it easier to find you

Kruijs explains, “In an online world, golf coaches need to make it as easy as possible for new customers to find us, and to book lessons online via our websites and social media. Many of us are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp and a link to your own app means customers can easily see when you’re available and book lessons.” Bob’s blog can be found at:

Proof of the pudding

One of’s customers is Steve Furlonger, the successful PGA Head Professional at the Redhill Golf Centre in Surrey. Furlonger’s benefitting from stronger client relationships, more lesson bookings, better retention rates, and higher teaching income.

Steve explains why he thinks it’s the best. “Getting’s the best decision I made since deciding to teach golf full time. Unlike my old paper diary, I can now carry my online teaching diary with me all the time, see everything about any particular client at a glance, make new bookings as part of the lesson closure, and so on. pays for itself very quickly.”

“My clients now see me as their own PGA Pro in their pocket. At home or at the office they can see when I’m available, book more lessons, check my lesson notes, send videos of their latest swing for me to analyse, and keep and track their scoring stats. They love this unique level of interaction and it makes game improvement much easier.”

Steve also admires the app’s speed, as he explains, “’s speed out on a practice ground, a range or a course makes it the most usable compared to similar systems.” Steve summarises, “With, I’m now my customers’ full time golfing mentor. That’s a perfect place for any teaching pro and their business. also maximises the lesson booking times I make available, which means I get to enjoy more of my own free time!”

The Netherlands-based team have more developments up their sleeve for, and they are confident their UK customer base will grow significantly.

For more information and a free demo, please go to

For UK sales, contact Guy Woodman: e-mail, or mobile 07734 579 384 or our head office: