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Hi All,

Here we are again with some new on our latest system updates and features. Please read through the update notes below to find out what is new and what is fixed.

New Features

System improvements

  • General | Online payments updated to new regulations
  • ProAgenda | Improved external calendar sync / timezone issue
  • ProAgenda | New client appointment management screen past and future
  • ProAgenda | More info on online payments in appointment
  • ClientAgenda | Clients can see open spots in group appointments
  • Multipro | Better view with many pros
  • Multipro | Separated search on first and last name

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • ProAgenda | Fixed issue that caused wrong appointment type order
  • ProAgenda | Fixed multiple timezone issues
  • ProAgenda | Fixed issue where Mailchimp list selection wasn’t saved
  • ProAgenda | Client booking details now saved after clients registration
  • ProAgenda | Fixed issue on Android phones where pro couldn’t click his appointment types
  • ProAgenda | Fixed issue where wrong package was selected when editing an appointment
  • ClientAgenda | Fixed issue with group bookings on mobile
  • Multipro | Fixed issue where clients were removed from group appointment when clicking on save multiple times
  • Multipro | Fixed issue where popups in Firefox were set to high

Big things are coming!

At the moment we are working around the clock on our new big academy management tool. From this tool, it will be much easier for an academy owner or employee to run your academy. We will be adding features like:

  • Full client management (invite, delete, reset password etc)
  • Full academy reports (Revenue, retention, packages etc)
  • Own control of Branding setup
  • Control all automated emailing templates
  • Multipro access
  • User accounts with access restrictions
  • Shared appointment types and packages
  • and more

We hope we can give you more information on this new product soon.

ProAgenda system update V.41 (Calendar sync, SMS reminders and more)

Hi All,

We are here to announce our latest system release and it has some great new features and updates available for you :

New Features

System improvements

  • ProAgenda | With multiple locations it’s now possible to drag and drop your location to order them. The top location will become default
  • ProAgenda | From the appointment screen you can now click on the clients name to open their details page
  • ProAgenda | In your appointment settings you can now find the direct link to your group appointments. This can be found below the name of the group appointment
  • ProAgenda | It’s now possible to add a price to an appointment type “other” This will also be included in the export
  • ProAgenda | Client name is now added to Stripe backoffice with payments
  • ProAgenda | When syncing to mailchimp it’s now possible to select the list you would like to sync with
  • ProAgenda | When changing a package the system will now give you the option to update all existing packages or just new ones.
  • ProAgenda | The client page is extended over full width to give a better overview and to add more features in the future
  • ProAgenda | On the client page we have now added a button to show the clients appointments. From this screen you can switch between upcoming and past appointments
  • ProAgenda | The logbook has been extended to offer more feedback on group appointments and packages
  • ProAgenda | It’s now possible to see what kind of payment method is used in an appointment. It’s also possible to set your own payment method (cash or other)
  • ClientAgenda | Clients can now also see their past appointments in the account
  • ClientAgenda | Improved the group appointment booking flow making it easier to book
  • AcademyAgenda | Extended the max number of pros from 6 to 7
  • Multipro | it’s now possible to search clients via email address

Small improvements and bug fixes

  • ClientAgenda | Solved an issue where the agenda got stuck in the loading screen
  • ProAgenda | removed a max/min notification from some appointment types
  • ProAgenda | Fixed an issue where an email would go to the client with a private note
  • ClientAgenda | Fixed an issue where the cancellation restriction didn’t show in some cases
  • ClientAgenda | Changed some notification in the password reset flow making it more clear
  • ClientAgenda | Fixed a timezone issue with the amount of hours set in the client can’t book in advance feature
  • Multipro | Fixed an issue where the wrong appointment types would show at the end of the day
  • Multipro | Fixed an issue where the system gave an error when adding a first client to a group booking
  • ProAgenda | Pros can now update their payment details manually
  • ProAgenda | Changed the chronological order when adding appointments to a package from latest to oldest.
  • Multipro | Fixed an issue where clients couldn’t be selected with big databases
  • Multipro | Solved some timezone issues
  • Multipro | Solved issue where the wrong appointments would be greyed out when adding them to a package

What are we working on?

We are currently working on 2 big features that have been requested a lot

The first is allowing appointment packages and appointment types to be shared across all pros within a Multipro/academy. This will make sure clients can use packages across the entire organization

Second we are working very hard to expand the academy backend. From this backend academy owners will have much more control over their own business like full client management, extended reports, Multipro control, Branding control, informative dashboard and more. system update V.40

Below you can find all new features and updates from our latest system release.

For this release we focused a lot on minor updates and bug fixes again, providing you with an even more stable system. Our new synchronization with Google and Outlook calendar is not yet at the level we want it to be so we will move this to our next release.

New Features

  • Link your client database with Mailchimp. SHOW ME HOW
  • Show package payment in appointment by color (red/green)
The Package icon in green represents a paid package. Red tells you the package isn’t paid for yet.

Bug fixes and system improvements

  • ProAgenda/Multipro|Fixed multiple issues with when adding existing appointments to a package
  • Multipro|Remaining number of package minutes will be updated immediately when adding an appointment
  • ProAgenda|Fixed issue on mobile where the details would run through the save button
  • Multipro|Fixed issue where an other appointment could not end at the end of the day
  • Multipro|Made sure group appointments can’t take more than max number of participants
  • Multipro|Fixed issue where client could not be removed from group booking
  • Multipro|Fixed UI issues in all browsers
  • Multipro|Fixed issue where appointment types would show even though there is not enough time remaining in availability
  • ProAgenda|System no longer crashes when pressing browser return button
  • ProAgenda|Fixed issue where selecting one day period in availability period would not work
  • ProAgenda|Fixed issues where enters in appointment description would not show in confirmation email
  • ProAgenda|Pros can now manually disconnect from Stripe for online payments
  • ProAgenda|Pros will now receive a notification when inviting an existing email address
  • ClientAgenda|Fixed issue where end time would not change when choosing a new date/time
  • ClientAgenda|Made sure all links are https and secure

What are we working on?

As mentioned we are not completely happy with our Google and Outlook synchronization yet but we are very close!

We are also still working hard getting the SMS reminders up and running and we are nearing completion on that part.

We will also have more bug fixes and smaller features available in our next release. system update V.39

Below you can find all new features and fixes in our latest system update:

This release is mainly focussed on solving minor bugs and issues within the system but we also release the following new features:

New Features

  • (in)visible appointment types for clients (Select which appointment types your clients can book themselves) SHOW ME HOW
  • Time information added to booking in agenda view for ProAgenda and Multipro
  • Complete new system to make sure there are no double accounts possible through either invites or registrations. (This has little to no effect on how you use the system but will save lots of time on double accounts and login issues)

Bug fixes and system improvements

  • Fixed a synchronization issue with our apps
  • Fixed the issue where the excel export was not working
  • Fixed issue where clients could not select open slots on Android
  • Fixed issue with client not being able to share media with pro
  • Fixed issue where the wrong email was send out when a pro books a multi day course
  • Multipro issue fixed where last clients package keeps showing with new client
  • Fixed Safari timezone issues within Multipro
  • Minor system performance upgrades

What are we working on?

We are currently still working on the Google and Outlook calendar synchronization. Unfortunately with our latest release there are still some minor issues so we hope to go live with this feature in a couple of weeks.

In our next release we also hope to integrate Text and/or Whatsapp reminders and also the possibility to link your ProAgenda account to your Mailchimp account. system update v.38

We have just released a new version of our system: V.38

What is new in this release:

  • Pros and clients receive an email when a package is full or expired.
  • You can rearrange your settings by Drag & Dropping.
  • It is now possible to extend recurring booking items from 10 to 20.
  • Clients can add their bookings to their personal Outlook and Google calendar via the confirmation email.
  • You can see your appointment type colors in your settings overview.
  • It is now possible to re-invite a client via the clients page.
  • To give more clarity we have moved all notifications from the bottom to the center of the screen.
Sort your settings with ease with Drag & Drop

Bug fixes:

  • Drag & Drop is now working again in the ProAgenda.
  • All agenda links now show https to ensure a secure environment.
  • Fixed the issue where ‘other’ appointments didn’t get their correct colour.
  • When changing a group appointment start time, the end time is now correctly calculated.
  • When logged in as Head pro the scroll now works correctly
  • Other minor performance improvements and bug fixes.

What are we working on?

We are happy to announce that in our next release it will be possible to fully synchronize your ProAgenda with Outlook and/or Google calendar. We are currently clearing the final issues for this feature and can’t wait to have it available for you all.

If you have any comments or find any issues with this release, please don’t hesitate to contact us via