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We at are delighted to announce the release of two new major developments: the new version of the teaching professional’s diary, and an online payment feature for bookings and packages.

Online diary: faster and easier to use, especially in the MultiPro format

The online diary that a teaching professional’s customers will now see when they open has been significantly redeveloped and upgraded, making it even faster and easier to use via any internet connection and platform.

Besides all the current features, the new client-side diary benefits from a number of major improvements:

  • Academy view: showing the availability of multiple professionals’ in one view
  • Multiple locations: allows your customers to switch between your different teaching locations
  • Group appointments: enables list overview and diary view
  • Appointment packages: customers can buy and see their packages with one simple click
  • Profile and diary in one place: no more separate login
  • Branded styling: now you can brand your client diary in your own Academy’s brand colours
  • Mobile-ready: customers can now set up your online diary as an app on their smartphone
  • Styling and performance upgrade: makes you and your teaching business look even more professional.

Extensive testing of the beta version with potential and existing clients has already generated very positive feedback, especially for speed, styling and usability, leading one teaching academy with multiple locations to comment: “The MultiPro view for teaching academies is a must have when you’ve got several teaching professionals at one or more locations.”

You can see the new demo diary via


Payment system integrated into booking feature

The much anticipated new online payment system’s development has now been signed off and will be fully integrated into the latest application by the end of August.

For the teaching professionals, this will soon mean that all bookings and appointment packages can be paid for online by customers straight to your bank account, with all the consequential benefits to cash flow and streamlined banking.

Want to see it for yourself?

If you’re a teaching professional who wants to make things much easier for yourself and your customers, just get in touch. For a demo, a presentation, a free trial or simply to speak to someone for more information, please contact us via one of the following contact channels:


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