Academy | Adding shared appointment types and packages

Add shared packages and appointment types to your academy

Via the Multipro it is now possible to create appointment types and appointment packages which will automatically be shared to the settings of the selected pros within your academy.

This means that you will only have to enter appointment types once to get them across multiple pros.

Important notes

  • Shared packages can still only be booked with the pro it’s purchased at. (Bookings with one package over multiple pros is still in development)
  • Shared packages and appointment types can not be edited by the individual pros
  • Pros can still add their personal appointment types and packages

How to setup shared items:

  • Login to your Academy (Currently Multipro)
  • Click Agenda
  • Click Settings
  • Choose either appointment types or packages

Add appointment type

Click Add new appointment

  1. Enter the appointment type name
  2. Add an additional description (Optional)
  3. Select which pros you want to include or exclude from this type
  4. Select the sort of appointment type (Regular, Group or selected group)
  5. Select the appointment type duration
  6. Select an appointment package if this is required for this appointment type. If not, leave blank
  7. Select a resource that is used with this appointment type. If none, leave blank
  8. Set the price
  9. Select the price type
  10. Select the currency
  11. Set your VAT
  12. Choose the appointment type color
  13. Select if the appointment type is bookable for clients
  14. Save the appointment type

Add appointment package

Click Add package

  1. Enter the package name
  2. Enter additional description (optional)
  3. Select which pros to include or exclude from the shared package
  4. Select your package type (Stamps or subscription)
  5. Select the specific appointment types which can be used for this package. If all are allowed, leave blank
  6. Set the normal price (Optional)
  7. Set the actual sale price
  8. Select your currency
  9. Select the total number of minutes for this package (600 minutes corresponds to 10 x 60 minute appointments)
  10. Select the type of validity and the additional options
  11. Select if the package is available for online purchase for your clients
  12. Save the package

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