Which plan is right for me?

We leave this totally up to you but based on the choices of our current customers we can recommend which plan is right for you. For golf professionals, we look at the number of clients. Our advice for academies is based on the number of professionals. This is definitely not binding advice and another plan may suit you better. It is always possible to upgrade your plan after initial activation.

BASE: Individual golf professional (<500 clients)
Our Base plan is the perfect match for starting golf professionals and golf professionals with a smaller clientele.

Why this plan?
+ Only € 9 p.m.;
+ Complete online booking site;
+ Online coaching;
+ Online payments;
+ Appointment confirmations and reminders;
+ Own customer database and activity log.

Main reasons to upgrade?
– You want a more professional appearance with a personalized booking page and communication;
– You would the reception tool for front office employees;
– With multiple golf professionals, you would like to have a shared booking page, and the option to share clients.

PLUS: Individual golf professional (>500 clients) & Smaller academies (< less than 3 professionals)
We recommend our Plus plan for the golf professionals who already have many teaching hours and who have a large customer database and for the small (<3 golf professionals) golf academies.

Why this plan?
+ Professional appearance with a personalized (shared) booking page and communication;
+ Reception tool for front office employees;
+ Reserve resources with your bookings;
+ Convenience to arrange and standardize all settings of the professionals at once.

Main reasons to upgrade?
– You want to have a personalized app (customers don’t download the app but the Acme Golf Academy app);
– You want to gain insight into the performance of the academy and see who your best customers are;
– You want a single sign-on with your golf club software.

PREMIUM: Larger academies (more than 3 professionals)
Our Premium plan is the ultimate solution for the bigger academies with a larger clientele. Ondanks de prijsopslag kan dit plan ook voor de kleinere academy zeer waardevol zijn.

Why this plan?
+ Your personalized academy app (soon);
+ Create reports of sales, appointments, packages sold, and more;
+ Connect the platform to your golf club software with a single sign-on;
+ Personalize all mail templates;
+ Option to receive all online payments on one academy account.

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