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Tutorial: Activate SMS reminders

The ProAgenda system will send your clients a reminder of their appointment via SMS if you activate the SMS reminder service. To activate please take the following steps:

  • Go to Menu – Settings
  • Go to Subscription
  • Below you ProAgenda subscription you can find the SMS subscription
  • Click Activate
  • Enter your Credit Card details
  • Click Activate
  • Your SMS reminders are now activated
  • You can change the text of your SMS reminder* ( The part between the [ ] we recommend not changing as this will be data generated from the system)
  • You can set the amount of hours the SMS is send prior to the appointment
  • Click Save

* Please note that any SMS containing more than 160 characters will be split into 2 or more SMS’s

Our SMS service runs every hour to check if there is an SMS that needs to be send.

To receive an SMS, a client needs to have their phone number entered in the correct format like this: +1201234569. New clients will be forced to enter their phone number in that format. It is possible older clients have a wrong format entered and they will not receive SMS reminders.

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