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Tutorial: Sync with Outlook/Google calendar

It is possible to synchronize your appointments with your Outlook/Google Calendar (1-way sync) and to synchronize your Outlook/Google calendar appointments with your ProAgenda account (2-way sync)

Please follow the steps below to setup the synchronization or check the video below

1-way Sync

  • Go to Menu – Settings
  • Go to My agenda settings
  • Scroll down until you see Synchronization
  • Read the information text and click YES, SYNC!
  • Fill out your outlook username and password and confirm
  • The system will run the synchronization now. This can take a couple of minutes. Please don’t close the screen
  • When the synchronization is complete you will receive a confirmation message

From this point forward all your appointments will be automatically synchronized with your Outlook/Google calendar until you un-check the synchronization box

Check the video below for a more clear view on how to setup the synchronization (The video is fast forwarded in some to places to make it shorter)

2-way Sync

Our 2 way synchronization will add the option to synchronize all your Outlook/Google calendar items into your ProAgenda calendar


When activating the 2-way sync, you have to take into consideration that every appointment you put in your Outlook/Google calendar will block out availability in your ProAgenda account. If you wish to add items that do not need to block out availability, (Like birthdays or call back notes) please make sure you create a separate calendar for this within Outlook/Google. We will only sync the main outlook calendar and not secondaries.

Setting up the 2-way sync:

  • Go to Menu-Settings
  • Go to My agenda settings
  • Scroll down to synchronization
  • Choose a color in which you want your Outlook/Google agenda items to show up in your ProAgenda
  • Click the box in front of the Two Ways Sync
  • Click Yes, Sync!
  • The system will now start the sync. A notification will show when it is completed. please do not close the screen

Check the video below for an instruction on how to setup the 2-way sync



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