Tutorial: Discount vouchers

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create and send discount vouchers.

We offer two differen voucher types

1 Personal voucher (One time use)

This voucher will contain an automatically generated code that can only be used once. The voucher can contain a Specific discount amount or a percentage.

2 For all (One time use per client)

This voucher will contain an automatically generated code or manually set code which can be used by all your client but with a limitation of once per client.

How to create a voucher:

To access your voucher management please take the following steps:

Go to Menu – Settings – Vouchers


Creating a new voucher

Click NEW to create a new voucher

  1. Select a voucher name
  2. Select the voucher type | Personal or for all. The difference is mentioned at the top of this article.
  3. Generated voucher code | This code is automatically generated. In case of a for all voucher, the code can be changed. This code is used by the client(s) to activate their voucher at booking.
  4. Enter a description | This will contain extra information for your clients
  5. Discount type | Select your type of discount, amount or percentage.
  6. Actual discount | Set the actual discount based on your selected discount type
  7. Start date | From what date can the voucher be used
  8. Active | Activate or deactivate the use of a voucher via this box
  9. Valid | Set if the voucher is for a specific period or indefinite
  10. Valid till | Based on your selection set the vouchers expiry date

Click Save


Sending a voucher

You can also send a physical voucher to your clients via the system email.

A personal voucher can be sent to a specific client.

A for all voucher will be sent to all clients

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