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Tutorial: Adding multiple availability periods

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Tutorial: Adding multiple locations

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Tutorial: Availability settings



In the availability settings you will setup your availability for your clients to book you. This means setting up your location(s), Periods, days and times.

To Start, go to MENU –> Settings –> Availability Settings




1) Locations: This is where you setup the location on which you want to receive your booking. This will show to your clients in your agenda and all booking conformations/reminders. There is already a location added from your setup wizard. You can add multiple locations if you want by clicking on NEW. On this page you can find more info on how to setup multiple locations.

2) Availability periods: Here you can set the periods you want your clients to be able to book you. You can add multiple periods. This way you can open up your agenda on different times and days for the summer and winter for example. Or you could choose to setup a weekly changing schedule. On this page we will show you how to setup an agenda with multiple periods.

3) Periods name: For you own reference you can change the name of the period. You could use the year it represents or summer/winter etc.

4) Start date: Here you select the start date of the period. This is the day your agenda is open for bookings

5) End date: After this date your agenda will be closed for bookings (Unless you have a different availability period setup) You can easily extend your availability by changing this date to a later date.


The last step within setting up your availability is choosing the days in the week you want to open up your agenda and the start and end time on those days.


1) Select your location: Select the location you want to specify your working days for (If you have only one location setup, this will be automatically selected. Below the location the days and times will show up.

2) Open a day for bookings: Select the day(s) you want to open up for bookings within this availability period. You can do this by just ticking or unticking the boxes in front of the day(s)

3) Start time: Set the start time for the specific days. The start time will be the first time you are able to receive bookings on that day. If you set this for 8AM, the earliest booking you can receive will be 8AM.

4) End time: This sets the end time of the specific day. The end time will decide when your availability on that date ends and you want receive any more bookings on that day. If you set your end time at 5PM, this means you cant get any bookings that surpass 5PM.

All availability settings will be saved automatically.

If there is a conflict in availability within your periods or locations, the system will notify you directly.

Tutorial: appointment (Type) settings

Below you can find a complete overview of the appointment type settings page and get to learn what all the different settings mean and how you need to set them up.


To Create a new appointment type for bookings, take the following steps

1) Click on MENU

2) Click on Appointment settings

3) Click NEW





1) Set a name for the appointment type. This will show to you and your clients what a lesson contains. We advise to keep this relatively short.

2) Here you can set a description of the appointment type. What does it contain and other extra information you would want to share with the client

3) There are 3 forms of accessibility to choose from. Regular, Group or selected group. Regular are all appointment types that clients can book ex. 30 min session, 60 min session etc.

Group and selected groups are group appointments which you put in your schedule and allow your clients to signup for with a minimum and maximum number of participants. for example a yoga session for 8. Selected group allows you to give access to specific clients only.

4) The duration decides how many time the system will block in your agenda for this appointment type when booked.

5) Here you can link appointment packages if you want this specific appointment type to only be booked by clients with a certain package or subscription. If this is not the case you can leave this empty/blank

6) If you run our Multipro or academy software, you can create resources/teaching tools. In this space you can set the resource which should be blocked/used for this specific appointment type. If not, leave this empty/blank

7) Set the price for the appointment type.

8) Set the currency for the previously set price

9) Enter your VAT for bookkeeping purposes or leave it at 0

10) This decides the order in which your appointment types show up in your agenda for you and your clients. The lower the number, the higher in the order.

When you are done, don’t forget to click SAVE!

Tutorial: My agenda settings

Below you can find a complete overview of the agenda settings page and get to learn what all the different settings mean and how you need to set them up.


To get to the agenda settings take the following steps:

1 Click on MENU

2 Click on SETTINGS

3 Click on My agenda settings




1) My Agenda: Here you can change the name of your client diary link. This is default set to your first and last name. In this example clients can book their lessons via: (Communicate this link to your clients and place on on your website!)

2) Render booked as unavailable: As a default your agenda will show your clients 3 different blocks; available (green), unavailable (gray) and booked (Diagonally striped). If you do not want to show your clients the difference between booked and unavailable, you should tick this box. From that point the system only shows available or unavailable

3) Members can Cancel: Ticking this box will allow your clients to not only book but also cancel their lessons online. Once selected, an extra option will appear which will let you set the number of hours your clients can cancel before the appointment starts. (For example 24 hours as shown below) If clients try to cancel within the set hours the system will tell them to contact you.         

4) Select the amount of hours clients see availability but can’t book without calling you: This setting will make sure you do not receive last minute bookings without expecting it. Say it’s now 1 pm and you have this setting set to 4 hours, clients can only book an appointment at 5 pm and later. If they try before that time the system will tell them to contact you.

5) European Date and Time format: When this box is checked, all times will be shown with the 24h clock and dates will be dd/mm/yyyy. If you leave this unchecked all times will be in AM/PM and dates will be mm/dd/yyyy.

6) Agenda box size: As mentioned in the setup wizard, this setting decides the timeslots you can use to setup your system and allow bookings for in that quantity of time.

7) Default language: This is the default language in which your agenda is shown to your clients. Clients can change this per individual if they want to.

8) Invite for: When using a branded academy, you have to link it here to get the correct branding and email styling to your clients.

9) Change Password: This is where you can change your password.