ProAgenda.com Features

All of our awesome features

Our extensive Online Agenda offers a ton of features making it easier and more efficient to manage your day-to-day business. Combined with our add-ons, Online Agenda offers you even more tools to work on your efficiency and customer-focus. You can either choose to extend Online Agenda with the MultiPro Agenda, our Branded Academy add-on or both.

Check out our awesome features below and get to know your possibilities.


Book, cancel and edit appointment

Click, select, book. Running your business has never been this easy!

Email reminders for you and your clients

Receive email confirmation for bookings, cancelations and changes.

Complete agenda export in excel

Export your online agenda to excel for financial information.

Receive online payments

All appointments and packages booked by your clients can be paid online by credit card.

Create appointment packages

The most advanced and complete package system available.

Create your perfect schedule

Create the schedule you want and allow clients to book on your terms.

Book recurring appointments

Book multiple single appointments in one go directly into your online agenda.

Build a client database

Get all your clients in one complete system.

Multiple location availability

Our online agenda supports availability at multiple locations.


Start your 1 month free trial and join the future.

Unlimited appointment types

Add unlimited appointment types to suit your business model.

Group appointments for all or specific clients

Create group appointment which are open for everyone or a specific group of clients.

Available on any device

Our system is developed to be used on any smartphone, tablet or computer (full responsive).

Instant access to contact details

All your clients contact details in one place.

Full startup support

When joining ProAgenda.com we offer a full startup support including importing your excisting client database.

Build your own client database

Build your very own client database with ease.

Call or email your clients directly from your system wherever you are.

Check your clients previous and upcoming appointments.

Send messages and newsletters

Reach your clients by sending them newsletters or personal messages.

Call or email clients on the go

Call or email your clients directly from your system wherever you are.

Upload and send media

Upload and send video’s images or PDF files to your clients.

Create client groups

Create your own client groups for messaging and booking.

Send homework or advice

Send homework or advice with media attached straight to your clients account.


Your professional online agenda, featuring online communication, online coaching and the opportunity to build your own database from the palm of your hand. Besides extensive agenda functionalities, of course.