Stay in control with a head professionals account

With the booking platform, every golf professional got its own account. Next to the fact you can share clients, appointment types and packages you will be able to log in as head professional. This way you can adjust their preferences when necessary. This will give you the possibility to fine-tune the academy account.

Avoid double booked simulators or other resources

This is one of the reasons why is made for the golf business. Either you use a Trackman or any launch monitor, you can add it as a resource to your academy account. The system will automatically recognize if the resource is still available and thus bookable or not. This way you’ll never have any double-booked simulators.

Get valuable information with our academy reports

The ultimate academy management solution. reports helping you run your golf academy like a pro. Get valuable information about your golf academy with one click on the button. This way you can discover which golf professional or lesson type is booked most by your clients, examine your monthly revenue, and more.

Get a grip on your financials

Choose which financial data is relevant for you to manage your academy and the reports function will present you the information in style. Choose between different charts, views and levels of detail. You can save your preferences to run it with one click.

Valuable operational information

Time management is probably the single most important measure when you run a golf school. Using time efficiently across all golf professionals can be a headache. That’s why makes it possible to take control over your time with its operational reports. Get valuable information about the number of sold appointments/packages and booked/not-booked ratio from your golf professionals.

Client information the way you need it

Everything about your clients in one overview.

With our flexible client board, you can compose and refine the information valuable to you. For example, you can create multiple templates and easily switch between information.

One client database for your academy

Choose whether you would like to share or separate clients between academy professionals

Sharing your clients can simplify arranging bookings, packages, special offers, etc because you can select them from one database. Don’t worry if you wish not to share. In this case, every professional stays responsible for their own database by not sharing your client.

Design your own bookings page

And create an aspired booking site

With the branding possibilities, you can create a booking page that fits your academy’s website seamlessly. It will appear as a bespoke solution, while you’re using the platform. And you can design it yourself in a plug and play format.

Emails from your own domain

Your domain. Your style. To your customers. can connect its mailing services to your domain. This way you can send booking confirmations, reminders, and all other communications from your own mail address and personal signature.

Front office academy agenda

Simply book appointments for all academy pros.

No more scanning through different screens. With the academy calendar, your front office employees can book lessons for any of your golf professionals within seconds. See the availability of all golf professionals in one overview.  

Shared (academy) packages and lesson types now exclusively has the option to create packages and lesson types that can be used and booked across all golf professionals at your academy. gives you the opportunity to track the usage of the sold packages.

Golf club software single sign-ons

Create a single sign-on for your golf club members adding to your academy member portal. This will prevent members from having multiple logins and creates one point of contact for all your services.

Online academy payments

Book multiple single appointments in one go directly into your online agenda.

New client at your front office or on the phone? A new client is added within a few seconds and is ready for bookings. Building your client database has never been this easy.

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