On location, online only or both, it’s your call..

ProAgenda.com gives you the opportunity to let your clients pay for their products in advance or at the club.

With online payments you’ll save enormous time on administration and you won’t be hunting for late payments any longer. Want to give your clients the flexibility to pay at the club? No problem. You can mark any lesson or packages from your calendar with ease so your administration stays up to date. If you rather would like the front desk handle payments. Take a look at our features for Academy management.

Packages that suit your type of coaching

The ProAgenda.com packages gives you the opportunity to add and sell packages the way you want it. From simple for time- to unlimited subscriptions, ProAgenda.com facilitates all package types suiting your classes.

Special offers? Create vouchers for your clients

If you would like to trigger your clients booking their next lesson or just want to send them your birthday or Christmas gift, ProAgenda.com will generate vouchers for any occasion. You only have to send it to the right people. You can choose between specific clients, client groups or your entire client list.

Reduce no shows

Stick with the automated mail service or upgrade sending text messages to make sure your clients will not forget an appointment with you again. ProAgenda.com sends booking confirmations and reminders to your clients. With our Plus plan, you can style all e-mails sent from our platform in your academy branding.

Take your communication to the next level

ProAgenda.com offers some great e-mail functions that help you connect with your clients, fully automated. If you would like to scale it up you can also setup and send personalized content to your clients. ProAgenda.com is currently working on an advanced mailing system that will give you the possibility to automatically send mailings when an event is triggered. Soon will follow.

Add value to your coaching sessions

Coaching does not stop after 60 minutes. With the ProAgenda.com platform you can add homework or any assignment to your client. Hereby you can recap the tips or to do’s from your last session. Your clients can access the assignment by e-mail or in their account.

Third-party calendar sync

As a golf professional your personal and business agenda are often intertwined. With our calendar sync you can fit your business schedule around your personal agenda or vice versa. You can choose between a one-way or two-way calendar sync with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Marketing automation

If you run some advanced marketing campaigns or send out a newsletter with Mailchimp once in a while. You can add new clients automatically to your Audience in Mailchimp with our Mailchimp integration.

Golf club software single sign-ons

Create a single sign-on for your golf club members adding ProAgenda.com to your academy member portal. This will prevent members from having multiple logins and creates one point of contact for all your services.

Website integration

ProAgenda.com creates a dedicated link for every agenda, you can place your personal diary under any button or picture on your website. This way the ProAgenda.com booking site can easily be integrated into your website.

Fast and clear scheduling

Not only for you, but for your clients too. The ProAgenda.com calendar is made to give your clients a clear overview of your availability and be able to book a spot in just 2 clicks. This way there will be no burden for your client to book their next lesson at your facility, while you’re having a busy day coaching.

Control availability 24/7

Either you want to keep clean and simple or selling multiple classes on various locations, you are in control of your schedule. You can add customized locations, (group) lessons and packages as you wish and receive unlimited booking without additional costs.

Unlimited bookings

No matter what plan you choose, ProAgenda.com will not restrict you from running your business. You will get unlimited bookings, this way you don’t have to worry about how many bookings you receive during the month.

Customer retention at hand

Finishing a good session with your client? Strike the iron while it’s hot, access your agenda and book the next appointment(s) in an instant. ProAgenda.com will boost your customer retention while it costs you no extra time.

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