Third-party calendar sync

As a golf professional your personal and business agenda are often intertwined. With our calendar sync you can fit your business schedule around your personal agenda or vice versa. You can choose between a one-way or two-way calendar sync with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Marketing automation

If you run some advanced marketing campaigns or send out a newsletter with Mailchimp once in a while. You can add new clients automatically to your Audience in Mailchimp with our Mailchimp integration.

Golf club software single sign-ons

Create a single sign-on for your golf club members adding to your academy member portal. This will prevent members from having multiple logins and creates one point of contact for all your services.

Website integration creates a dedicated link for every agenda, you can place your personal diary under any button or picture on your website. This way the booking site can easily be integrated into your website.

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