Sync with your personal calendar

Integrate your schedule into your personal calendar.

As a golf professional your personal and business agenda are often intertwined. Fit your business schedule around your personal agenda or vice versa with our personal calendar sync. You can sync with your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. Choose between the one-way sync, your meetings will show up in your personal calendar. Or the two-way sync, your account will then also show the items from your personal calendar.    

Connect with Mailchimp

Connect your database with Mailchimp.

Automate your marketing and communications. Connect your with Mailchimp and send marketing campaigns and/or newsletters with Mailchimp. Every new client added to your ProAgenda will automatically be added to your Mailchimp audience. No more manual work to keep your client database up-to-date.

Connect your booking page to your academy website

Create easy booking page access.

Every account has its own dedicated link that will make it easy for you to integrate it into your website under any button or picture and will give your clients easy access to your booking page.

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