Booked with just two clicks.

Be present and stay connected with your clients online.

Your personal booking site

Fast and clear scheduling.

Not only for you but for your clients too. The ProAgenda.com calendar is made to give your clients a clear overview of your availability and be able to book a spot in just 2 clicks. This way there will be no burden for your client to book their next lesson at your facility, while you’re having a busy day coaching.

Your online presence

You will be the director of your own agenda.

You decide if you want to keep your booking page clean or want to offer different classes in various locations. Add multiple locations, (group) lessons, clinics and packages as you wish and receive bookings without any extra costs. Sell your services online without losing control of your schedule, that is what the ProAgenda.com platform stands for.

Get unlimited data

No booking, mail or any other data limitations

No matter what plan you choose, ProAgenda.com will not restrict you from running your business. You will get unlimited bookings, this way you don’t have to worry about how many bookings you receive during the month.

A mobile, tablet and laptop view

Boost customer retention with your agenda at hand.

Finishing a good session with your client? Strike the iron while it’s hot, access your agenda and book the next appointment(s) directly on your mobile. It does not matter which device you have at hand ProAgenda.com will boost your customer retention while it costs you no extra time.

We offer extended free trials during the COVID-19 period!

Start your free trial, set up your account and be ready for business. No strings attached.