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Having access to the right coaching platform system brings immeasurable value to your golf coaching business — both as an essential feature alongside in-person coaching and if you have temporarily or permanently shifted to online coaching exclusively. For independent golf professionals or golf coaches offering instruction through golf academies across the UK and the USA, straightforward coaching software can help you integrate all your tools and resources through one easy access point.

Incorporating’s golf coaching software into your professional toolkit will drive efficiency, streamline communication, and transform your coaching expertise into accessible training resources for your clients.

Create added value in-between golf training sessions

Whether you’re currently offering in-person training sessions or live virtual lessons to your golf coaching clients, there is only so much ground you can realistically cover within the time constraints of a single session.

For students and coaches who like to keep the ball rolling between individual golf coaching sessions, it’s important to keep improving performance with feedback, assignments, and follow-up tips. ProAgenda software gives golf coaches the necessary tools to accelerate their students’ progress, monitor improvement, and offer ongoing encouragement, even outside of a traditional training setting.

This volume of additional value for clients constitutes a level of customer service that will drive your golf coaching business to new heights.

Send golf coaching videos and images

Inspire client loyalty when you provide a well-rounded golf training experience. These days, enhanced training includes the use of digital resources as an add-on to regular in-person sessions or online coaching lessons.

Through the ProAgenda golf coaching software, everyone in your client coaching database will have a wealth of golf training information at their fingertips. As a coach, you can easily recap any essential details you covered during your session, sending along tips, reminders, and to-dos for future reference. This allows clients to continue their training at their own pace in their own environment, in turn maximizing the results of each training session.

With the system, you can even include instructional videos or step-by-step images along with text for any client assignment. Clients can access those details by e-mail or in their own ProAgenda account. There’s no easier way for your golf coaching clients to keep working on optimal posture, enhance their body movement, or develop their effortless swing outside of their regular training time. And it makes their investment in professional training all the more worthwhile!

In turn, clients can even upload and share recordings of their solo training assignments. This allows for micro-corrections and quick feedback, rather than having to unlearn any unfortunate habits at your next official session.

Integrate golf analysis tools

Let’s be honest, when working in a highly professional field, you need highly specialized tools. As a pro golf coach, you likely have quite a few apps, platforms, and software that are indispensable to your daily coaching activities. Ensuring that those tools all work together is the key to making your job easier, rather than more complicated.

The coaching platform system plays nicely with other favorite pro golf tools, like V1 and Hudl. Use those tools to create swing analyses for your clients, then import the analysis videos to your ProAgenda media database for easy access. There’s no clearer way to convey training progress than viewing older analysis videos alongside more recent video footage. Showcase to your coaching clients all that you’ve achieved together so far!

Having a centralized online hub for all your golf training media helps to build a seamless, effortless transition between offline sessions and online coaching for all your clients — and a simplified coaching process for yourself. Share the uploaded files as a broadcast, as a personal message, or send them to your clients’ accounts in just a few clicks. This functionality eliminates the need for repetitive back-and-forth with clients over e-mail or text message, and you can avoid hopping from platform to platform to review your coaching content.

Make the most of your account

Our coaching platform functionality is just the tip of the iceberg of all that the software suite has to offer.

Save hours of valuable time by booking and scheduling coaching sessions via the platform. Send session reminders and personalized notifications to your clients. Avoid awkward conversations and chasing late payments by accepting payment online, quickly and easily. With in your back pocket, you can offer your golf expertise remotely to clients in different cities, countries, or time zones — even internationally. It’s a whole new world of possibilities!

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