How to Grow Your Business Using Pro Golf Booking Software

Gain back valuable training time with golf coaching clients by using the booking platform to handle your golf business administration.

Many golf pros and trainers like yourself forfeit valuable coaching time every day to stay on top of administrative tasks, like managing agenda bookings, sorting out payments and financials, onboarding new clients, and streamlining their communications. Whether you are an independent golf coach or a golf trainer affiliated with an academy, it is key to maximize your teaching time so you can really dedicate your days to the thing you’re most passionate about: sharing the love of golf.

The premium agenda and coaching platform provides integrated services that will expand your potential teaching hours. Offload the heavy administrative lifting to a tool that was created to suit your needs as a golf pro. is a golf lesson booking system designed to free up time in your professional agenda, allowing you to guide more prospective golfers of all skill levels.

Explore the benefits of ProAgenda’s all-in-one golf booking platform and management tool. It will help you grow your business—for individual golf professionals and pro academies alike.

Easy scheduling

Scheduling mix-ups and back-and-forth communication about booking can drain your time. Instead, let take over as your personal booking site. You’ll no longer need to discuss schedules in person or over lengthy e-mail chains.

Simply share your availability with clients, who can access your agenda online to conveniently book their next training spot. Customize the pro booking tool with various locations, offer group lessons or individual sessions, schedule clinics and packages, and receive unlimited bookings. Having your online agenda easily accessible on mobile, tablet, or desktop is an excellent avenue to customer retention.

ProAgenda’s golf lesson scheduling software lets you book follow-up sessions on the spot, keeping your client agenda up to date after every successful training session.

Automated booking confirmations and reminders will reduce no-shows and limit time lost to missed coaching appointments.

Streamline payments

Navigating different payment systems and income sources can be a painful process. Save yourself the headache by using to accept client payments online in advance or on location, or use the academy management features to accept payments through the front desk at your club or golf academy. Our Stripe checkout is optimized to process payments from any device, making it the perfect way to avoid late payments and removing the need for any awkward financial follow-ups with clients.

Coaching tools

This is where you can show off your professional expertise and deliver added value to your coaching clients. Use our premium integrated coaching tool to create an online coaching database where clients can easily track their progress. Offer quality follow-up messages and helpful feedback by recapping important golf tips from your lessons or sending to-do lists along with illustrative videos or images. also integrates easily with analysis tools like V1 or Hudl. That means you can import swing analysis video material from those sources to your ProAgenda media database to share with clients.

Package and promote your services

Making your golf coaching business more efficient through time management tools and golf lesson booking software is just the first step towards growth.

Promote your expert golf services by offering vouchers and coupons to your clients. lets you target individual clients or groups of clients with automatically generated voucher codes. This feature can keep clients interested in the off-season, draw former clients back to your coaching services, or encourage new clients to book a trial session.

Offering discounted packages or lesson subscriptions is another way to create a loyal client base. The ProAgenda hub is built to host various subscription types, both limited and unlimited, with tracking that auto-updates as clients book each session.

Integrate other software and services

It’s a hassle (and a professional hazard) when one piece of software doesn’t communicate with another, resulting in lost time at best—and lost business at worst. ProAgenda wasn’t only designed to book golf lessons online but was created with integration in mind. That means it’s easy to combine your golf agenda with your personal calendar, avoiding overlap and missed opportunities.

You can connect your ProAgenda booking agenda with your golf academy website, integrating it into your existing framework and enabling clients to move from discovery to booking their first session in a few easy clicks.

ProAgenda also interacts smoothly with Mailchimp, sharing your client database and contact list with ease. No more wasting time on manual address offers exemplary service and specialized support. This is the best online agenda for golf lessons, lifting your golf coaching business to new heights. Whether your golf coaching clients aim for levels beyond the PGA Academy or simply want to find more enjoyment in the sport they love, you will be there to support them while ProAgenda’s passionate team supports you.

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