backoffice on a macbook launches new simulator and bay reservation system

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The platform currently offers a state-of-the-art online booking, online coaching, and academy management platform trusted by over 1000 golf professionals worldwide. The extensive platform is already packed with many features to help pros and academies run their day-to-day business. With this new update, their services are extended to driving ranges and (indoor) simulator studios.

What can you do with this new feature?

The use of simulators and/or launch monitors is getting more and more popular. This new feature of the solves the following problems:

  • Allow clients to make reservations for the simulator/bay (Without a pro)
  • Automatically books simulator/bay through appointment booking with the pro
  • Manage pro/simulator and bay bookings from a single system

What makes this update unique

The great and unique feature about this update is that the new simulator and bay reservation system is integrated and synchronizes with the existing online booking platform. This means that bays or simulators can be linked to pros and services which make sure simulators are automatically booked when an appointment is booked at a pro. On the other hand, when simulators or bays are booked directly by the client, the system adjusts the availability of the pro, making sure there are never any duplicate or impossible bookings made.

What are the Use cases?

This new feature solves problems that many academies, driving ranges, or indoor studios are currently experiencing

Indoor studios

For indoor studios, this update means that clients will be able to book either a pro or a standalone simulator in just a few clicks. The system will regulate the availability of the simulators and the pros automatically saving up lots of time for the studios and administration

Driving ranges

Driving ranges would be able to set up a complete reservation system for all their bays, including discount packages and online payments. It is also possible to make specific reservations available for special bays like with a Trackman or other Launch monitor

Want to know more?

There are lots more use cases and solutions to existing problems our new update and entire system provide. If you have any specific questions or would like to see more, we are more than happy to give you an online demonstration of the system in person.


We will also be having a Livestream on the 17th of June showcasing this new update followed by a Q&A


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