System update V20.11

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Hi All,

We are back with a new update to the system. This time we have focused mainly on system improvements “under the hood” This will mean there a lots of improvements that you won’t directly notice but will benefit the performance of the system now and in the long run.

Here are our updates for V20.11:


  • Logbook added to academy (Premium)

The academy tool now has a complete logbook available to track all actions that are taken within the academy. You can track bookings and see who made the booking, who made changes to an appointment package, who removed a booking etc.

The logbook is a premium subscription feature and can be found in the academy main menu:

  • Client | When a client does not complete payment in time, a notification will show that the appointment is not booked and payment will be automatically refunded
  • Academy | In the settings, an appointment types type setting can’t be changed after saving. This is to prevent changes to existing appointments causing problems in the system
  • Academy | Option added to select time format for academy use (AM/PM or 24 hour clock)
  • Pro | Changes in coaching/media structure: There are now 2 types of coaching:
    • Assignment: Can be sent with or without media and can be marked as completed by client
    • Private note: Private note for the pro. Can not bee seen by client


  • Academy | Fixed issue where searching clients in selected group setting did not work
  • Academy | Fixed issue where search tool did not work in client page
  • Academy | Fixed issue where incorrect registration link was sent in academy invite
  • Pro | Fixed some Outlook sync issues
  • Pro | Fixed issue adding existing appointments to package in Safari browser
  • Pro | Fixed issue showing incorrect currency in packages
  • Pro | Option to activate SMS reminders when linked to academy
  • General | Fixed issue with password reset (Wrong notification shown)
  • General | Fixed issue with wrongly expiring subscriptions

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