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System update V20.14

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Hi All,

We have a big update for you with some nice new features and system improvements a lot of you have been asking for.

Here are our updates for V20.14:


  • Academy | Advanced payment and administration options (Premium)

We have added 2 additional features to the payment settings page in the academy

  1. Academies can now create their own additional payment options for administration purposes. ex: Invoice, at reception, at pro etc (Besides existing other and cash)
  2. Academies can stop pros/agenda owners from marking appointments as paid or edit payment details

For more info on how to setup additional payment types: Check our FAQ article here

Academy payment settings is a premium subscription feature. For more information check

  • Payment identifier

A payment identifier will be automatically added when paid online and can also be manually added for more and better reference regarding payments

  • Academy | Disable Credit Card payments

For academies using a different payment system (i.e. iDeal), it i snow possible to disable Credit Card payments

  • Academy | Academy agenda settings page improved

We improved this page to make the setup more intuitive and easy to understand


  • Academy | Fixed issue in outstanding payments report
  • Academy | Fixed issue where limitations in subscriptions did not work correctly
  • Academy | Fixed issue where resources did not show in appointments
  • Academy | Fixed issue where package end date disappeared when updating a package type
  • Pro | Fixed issues where excel template did not import correctly at client import
  • Client | Fixed issue where package end date did not show correctly
  • General | Multiple minor big fixes and improvements

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