System update V20.16 + V20.17

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Hi All,

Today we are bringing you a double system update!

Read everything about our new features and system improvements below:


  • Vouchers/Coupons for academy (PLUS feature)

It is now possible to add vouchers/coupons into the academy which will be usable over the selected agendas and/or appointment types

To access the vouchers login to your academy account and click VOUCHERS in the main menu.



  • General | Improved existing package update system

We have updated our system in the situation where an existing package types is updated in the settings. The new update makes sure there is no mix up between old en new packages by creating a new package type automatically when necessary

  • Academy | Wider academy agenda columns

The agenda columns in the academy agenda will be wider than before when there is a lower number of agendas showing

  • Academy | Setup emailing from own domain (PREMIUM)

Premium subscription academies can now setup their own domain for emailing. Our guide will help you step by step to get the correct DNS records for your IT department.

  • Academy | Add appointment restrictions in packages and vice versa

We have improved the way to add these restrictions if needed

  • Academy/Pro | Improved payment info in group appointments

We have created a new popup screen to check or edit payment details in group appointments

  • Academy/Pro | Payment details added to packages

We have added the payment details to the packages section where payment identifiers and methods can now be added

  • Pro | Settings UI improvements

We have brought all the items in the settings to popup screens instead of dropping to the bottom of the page


  • Academy | Added start date to packages in academy
  • Academy | Fixed issue with custom period end date in reports
  • Pro | Adjustment in remarks field no longer sends edit email
  • Pro | Improved the UI for the client media overview page
  • Pro | Fixed issue with wrong decimal symbol in excel export
  • General | Fixed general group appointment issues
  • General | multiple bug fixed and performance improvements

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