System update V20.18 + V20.19

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Hi All,

Today we are bringing you another double system update!

Read everything about our most recent system improvements below:


We did not release any new major features in this release

  • ProAgenda | Restructured client page UI

We have updated the client overview and client detail page to make it more clear. You will now have a better overview of all your clients data.

  • ProAgenda | Open existing appointment in edit screen

To make working with even simpler, we made sure that when you open an existing appointment, you are immediately forwarded into the edit screen so you can make any changes directly.

  • ProAgenda | New setup wizard

We have created a new and improved setup wizard for all new accounts within

  • ClientAgenda | Week view added to mobile

We have added a week view to the mobile version of the client agenda. This way your clients can access even more of your availability at first glance

  • Academy/Pro | Improved headpro/agenda manager

We have improved the headpro/agenda manager login functionality to make it easier and more clear

  • Academy | New agenda directly added to academy agenda

When adding a new agenda to the academy, you can now directly add them to the academy agenda you want.


  • Academy | Added date selection in logbook to access more history
  • Academy | Voucher icon now shows when used in appointment
  • Pro | Month view removed
  • Pro | Improved the logbook entries
  • Client| ClientAgenda performance improvement


  • Academy | Fixed issue where some icons merged in the same position
  • Academy | Fixed issue where price was increased with additional clients
  • Academy | Fixed issue when updating agendas or appointment types to existing packages
  • Academy | Fixed issue with incorrect period showing on saved reports
  • Pro | Fixed incorrect order in excel exports
  • Pro | Fixed incorrect phone number at most recent client
  • General | Fixed issue where packaged deleted from settings could no longer be used

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