System update V20.21

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Hi All,

Here we are with our last system update of 2020. We hope you like these new features and as always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Read all about the 20.21 system update below


10 and 20 minute booking slots

It is now possible to change your agenda or booking page to 10 or 20 minute slots. We have made these options available next to the already existing 15, 30 ,45, and 60 minute slots

  • Pro | Added progress and result export with client import

When importing new clients through excel, there is now a progress bar added and the success/failed results can be downloaded

  • Pro | Clients added to group appointment with one click

It is now easier to add clients to a group appointment. The client is now directly added when selected

  • Pro | Improved performance

We have improved the agenda’s performance in some areas

  • Client | Agenda selection page

The client now has the option to add multiple ProAgendas to his/her account and switch when necessary. This feature will also be available in our upcoming app


  • General | username and email now the same through entire system
  • Academy/Pro | improved package update function
  • Client| Participants in group appointment show more clearly


  • Academy | Fixed issue where multi day courses were unbookable
  • Academy | Fixed issue with updating package validity
  • Pro | Fixed issue with week starting on Sunday in Safari + loading issues
  • Pro | Fixed issue with marking as paid after using a package
  • Pro | Fixed issue where updating remaining package minute did not work
  • Pro | Removed Captcha notification from mobile screen
  • Client | Fixed issue where US phone prefix always showed

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