Online Agenda

Online Agenda


The most efficient tool for golf professionals.

Have you ever wondered how you could improve managing your day-to-day business? offers the best online agenda for professionals in any profession and any market. It offers you all the necessary tools to manage your agenda, finances and client/customer database.

Furthermore, Online Agenda enables you to give clients the possibility to book appointments themselves, both group lessons or individual lessons.

Online Agenda comes with our amazing iPad application, that grants you access to your complete schedule and all your client data anywhere and anytime. Now that’s comfort!

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Online booking system

The fastest and most user-friendly booking system out there!

Upgrade your business to the next level and start using our online booking system. The offers a wide range of features to help your your day to day business, save you time and earn money!

  • Personal schedule with a dedicated link
  • Receive bookings 24/7 from any platform or device
  • Use it on multiple locations
  • Create appointment/discount packages
  • Create single or multi day group lessons
  • Receive online payments from your clients

Our Online Agenda features many, many more features..

Coaching and Client Management Platform

Be more professional with an integrated coaching and client management platform.

The system not only offers a state of the art online booking system but it has a complete coaching and client management system integrated. Stun your clients with your level of professionalism and make them come back every time!

  • Client management and information
  • Send personal coaching and assignments to your clients
  • Send video’s, images and many other files directly to your clients account
  • All data is stored in the cloud and always accessible
  • Track your clients progress as they enter scores and statistics
  • Send messages and mailings to your personal database

Our Online Agenda features many, many more features..

Our extensive iPad app

Our entire system in the palm of your hand.

Where would we be today without our smartphones and tablets. Our system is available on any platsform or device and of course also through out amazing apps

  • Free iPad app for pros
  • Even when offline you always have your schedule at hand
  • Analysis tool for video analysis
  • Dedicated client apps on IOS and Android
  • Clients can send you video’s for online coaching

At the moment, our coaching, scheduling and management app is only available on Apple devices.


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