Branded Academy

Branded Academy


Want to have an online agenda that radiates your DNA and corporate identity? Branded academy is the ultime add-on that completely transforms Online Agenda.

A professional appearance is important if you want to attract customers/clients. Therefore, you can upgrade Online Agenda with the Branded Academy. By using this awesome add-on, you completely transform the look and feel of Online Agenda by using all aspects of your corporate identity.

The Branded Academy transforms our software and shapes it as you wish. Your clients will only see your brand name and logo, making it even stronger! We recommend this add-on for any company that wants to be taken seriously.

As a professional company, you want to remain loyal to your name and color, right?

Get full access to our tool for 30 days, without any costs!

Want to know more about our Online Agenda? Just watch our video.

Your own Academy styling

Get our entire system in your personal branding.

You have been building your brand and are proud of it. So why would your clients see our name when booking online with your organization? With the Branded academy you can change our name, colours and logo into your very own personalized branding, making you look more professional and building the value of your brand.

Our system can be integrated in your organizations or personal website without looking like an external system. The look and feel remains as professional as you are already.

Customize emailings

Get the word out to your clients

With the branded academy you get access to all emailings that are being send through the system. From here you can change them to your liking and personal style. Approach your clients more personal and casual or keep it more professionals, the choice is yours. All emails will be sed from your email address.

All communication like appointment confirmation messages and appointment reminder messages are send from your personal or organizations email addres.

Build and manage your own database

Full access to all your client details and accounts.

With the Branded Academy you get your personal backoffice login for all administration purposes. You get your very own protected database and have full access to your client account details. Allowing you to offer a better service and keep everything under your own control.

Connect with Facebook and grow! Let your clients post their bookings and achievements on Facebook with your name and colors attached to it. Spread your brand.


Your professional online agenda, featuring online communication, online coaching and the opportunity to build your own database from the palm of your hand. Besides extensive agenda functionalities, of course.