Multipro Academy

Multipro Academy


The perfect booking and administration tool for your organization with multiple professionals and online agenda’s.

Are you working with multiple professionals and thus multiple agendas and/or divisions? The Multipro Agenda is an add-on to the Online Agenda that enables you to work with multiple professionals in your Online Agenda.

Get full access to our tool for 30 days, without any costs!

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Multiple pro overview

Clients can see your entire academies availability in one easy view

When owning an academy and an academy website you want to show the availability of all your pros to your clients as fast and easy as possible. Multipro academy will allow your clients to see all the pros in one dedicated link, making it easy for them to book a lesson with the pro or time they prefer.

Our online agenda allows professionals to use multiple locations. Our Multipro tool is no exception. Check the pro availability on every location you want and make those bookings.

Front office/reception tool

Allow your front office or reception to take bookings for you.

The Multipro academy comes with a seprate dedicated tool for your front office or reception to take, cancel and edit bookings. The tool also allows for new clients to be added to the system. With this tool you can save time by letting your front office handle your bookings which gives you more time to run your academy and your pros to do what they do best.

New client at your front office or on the phone? A new client is added within a few seconds and is ready for bookings. Building your client database has never been this easy.

Headpro overview

As a headpro you keep control of your organization

The Multipro academy allows you to add any number of online agendas to your academy. With the Headpro functionality you’ll keep control of anything happening in your organization. Through the Headpro function you can login to any of the online agenda’s in your academy, giving you control over them at all times.

Take control as head professional or leader of your organization. Login to your employees or co-workers account and get full control of their online agenda’s.


Your professional online agenda, featuring online communication, online coaching and the opportunity to build your own database from the palm of your hand. Besides extensive agenda functionalities, of course.