Starting from €9,- per month the Base subscription offers a complete online booking and coaching site. It includes online payments, appointment notifications, and your own customer database.

Looking for an all-in-one solution for your golf academy? Please take a look at our Plus and Premium pricing plans.

Your personal booking site

Fast and clear scheduling.

Not only for you but for your clients too. The ProAgenda.com calendar is made to give your clients a clear overview of your availability and be able to book a spot in just 2 clicks. This way there will be no burden for your client to book their next lesson at your facility, while you’re having a busy day coaching.

Send coaching videos and more

Create a client coaching database and show your clients the progress they're making.

Coaching does not stop after 60 minutes. With the ProAgenda.com platform, you can add videos, images or text as an assignment to your client. Recap the tips or to do’s from your last session. Your clients can access the assignment by e-mail or in their account.

Accept online payments for free

Accept payments online, on-location or both, it’s your call..

ProAgenda.com gives you the opportunity to accept client payments online or on-site.

Accepting online payments, you’ll save enormous time on administration and you won’t be hunting for late payments any longer. Do you want to give your clients’ the flexibility to pay at the club? No problem. You can mark any lesson or package paid on-site with ease to keep your administration up-to-date.

If you rather would like the front desk handle payments. Take a look at our Academy management features.

Automated booking confirmations and reminders

Improve client communication and reduce no shows.

Make sure your clients receive booking confirmations and reminders with all necessary information. ProAgenda.com is integrated with an automated mail service which can be upgraded with text messaging to make sure your clients will never forget an appointment with you again. With our Plus plan, you can style all mails sent from our platform in your academy branding.

Get unlimited data

No booking, mail or any other data limitations

No matter what plan you choose, ProAgenda.com will not restrict you from running your business. You will get unlimited bookings, this way you don’t have to worry about how many bookings you receive during the month.

Sync with your personal calendar

Integrate your ProAgenda.com schedule into your personal calendar.

As a golf professional your personal and business agenda are often intertwined. Fit your business schedule around your personal agenda or vice versa with our personal calendar sync.

You can sync with your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. Choose between the one-way sync, your ProAgenda.com meetings will show up in your personal calendar. Or the two-way sync, your ProAgenda.com account will then also show the items from your personal calendar.



We offer extended free trials during the COVID-19 period!

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