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Booking platform
Receive unlimited bookings 24/7
Send unlimited mail confirmations and reminders
Your own client database
Offer packages
Accept online payments
Offer vouchers and coupons
Personal calendar synchronization
Send coaching and media
Academy management
Academy agenda -
Agenda manager account -
Academy lesson types and packages -
Branded booking site and communications -
Share academy clients -
Connected academy client database -
Resources -
Online academy payments - -
API integrations - -
Academy reports - -
The academy app (coming soon) - -
Activity log
One-on-one training -
Phone support -
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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I trial your platform?

Yes, and no credit card required! During your free trial, you have complete access to all the features of our system. The free trial period ends after one full standard month and based on your chosen plan you will get access to certain tools and features. To see what’s is inside each of our subscription plans, please take a look at our pricing page here.

You can start the free trial for our Base plan here. Interested in Plus of Premium? Please start your free trial here.

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Which plan is right for me?

We leave this totally up to you but based on the choices of our current customers we can recommend which plan is right for you. For golf professionals, we look at the number of clients. Our advice for academies is based on the number of professionals. This is definitely not binding advice and another plan may suit you better. It is always possible to upgrade your plan after initial activation.

BASE: Individual golf professional (<500 clients)
Our Base plan is the perfect match for starting golf professionals and golf professionals with a smaller clientele.

Why this plan?
+ Only € 9 p.m.;
+ Complete online booking site;
+ Online coaching;
+ Online payments;
+ Appointment confirmations and reminders;
+ Own customer database and activity log.

Main reasons to upgrade?
– You want a more professional appearance with a personalized booking page and communication;
– You would the reception tool for front office employees;
– With multiple golf professionals, you would like to have a shared booking page, and the option to share clients.

PLUS: Individual golf professional (>500 clients) & Smaller academies (< less than 3 professionals)
We recommend our Plus plan for the golf professionals who already have many teaching hours and who have a large customer database and for the small (<3 golf professionals) golf academies.

Why this plan?
+ Professional appearance with a personalized (shared) booking page and communication;
+ Reception tool for front office employees;
+ Reserve resources with your bookings;
+ Convenience to arrange and standardize all settings of the professionals at once.

Main reasons to upgrade?
– You want to have a personalized app (customers don’t download the app but the Acme Golf Academy app);
– You want to gain insight into the performance of the academy and see who your best customers are;
– You want a single sign-on with your golf club software.

PREMIUM: Larger academies (more than 3 professionals)
Our Premium plan is the ultimate solution for the bigger academies with a larger clientele. Ondanks de prijsopslag kan dit plan ook voor de kleinere academy zeer waardevol zijn.

Why this plan?
+ Your personalized academy app (soon);
+ Create reports of sales, appointments, packages sold, and more;
+ Connect the platform to your golf club software with a single sign-on;
+ Personalize all mail templates;
+ Option to receive all online payments on one academy account.

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How does our pricing work?

The price of your subscription is based on two variables: the number of agendas you need* and the feature plan you choose. If you activate the preferred feature plan the system will calculate your price based on the number of agendas. You can always add or remove agendas during your current term. Next to that, you can choose a month-to-month or annual commitment.

* When do I need multiple agendas?
– There are multiple golf professionals in your academy;
– You have bookable simulators (for example for indoor studios);
– You would like to have a separate booking site for your clinics.

! Agendas can be used for availability at multiple locations. !

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Do you offer product demos?

We are happy to show you around our platform and review how it can benefit your business. Please fill in this form to request an online product demo and one of our product experts will contact you within 24 hours.

Premium inquiries that meet a minimum fee can request full presentation and set up on location. Feel free to contact for more information.

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What if I would like to cancel?

We don’t like to see you leave but you can cancel your subscription with one single click on a button. Your subscription will be terminated at the end of the current period. The final date depends on the activated period (per month or per year).

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Do you offer migration services?

We are happy to help you with a seamless migration to our system. You can easily import customers with the import template and they will receive an invitation with instructions by email. Plus and Premium subscribers can create a personal welcome message. We offer free support for migrating customers.

If you want service for migrating current appointments and packages, please send a request through

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Are you available for support?

Yes! We always offer the best support we can. If you run into trouble during your setup or if you have any questions about the use of our products we are ready to answer them through our chat, Whatsapp, or mail. We always try to get back to you within 24 hours or faster when possible or needed.

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