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Frequently Asked Questions


What does offer? is a cloud-based booking, coaching and academy management platform. As an individual golf professional you can make use of our booking- and coaching platform for just €9,-.

Are you part of an academy or an academy owner? The booking management platform will probably be the best solution for you. Because it is extensive yet easy to use, it will give you everything you need to know about the performance of your academy. Interested to find out how this could benefit your business? Please take a look at our academy solutions section.

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What if I work/teach at multiple location/venues?

No problem! Our system offers full support on multiple locations. They are easy to add in your personal agenda settings.

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Does support group appointments?

Yes! Our system offer multiple group systems. You can create client groups and book them in your agenda with just a few clicks. You can create open group appointments available to all your clients or group appointments available for specific clients which you set. For more info go to the how to section.

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Can I “brand” product(s) using my own name and colors?

Yes! We understand how important your brand name is these days.

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What if my organization wants to use multiple agenda’s?

No problem! Each professional can signup for their own agenda. To link the agenda’s together in a single organization we advise to take a look at our Multipro and Branded Package products. For more info on the possibilities you can always contact us.

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Do my clients receive confirmation of their bookings?

Yes! All your clients receive confirmation of the booked appointments. They also receive mails on cancellation and as a reminder of their upcoming appointments. This will reduce now shows in a big way.

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Does offer support on their product(s)?

Yes! We always offer the best support we can. If there are any questions about the use of our products we are ready to answer them through phone, skype or email. We always try to respond within 24 hours or faster when possible or needed.

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Will keep updating?

Yes! We are always working on improving and upgrading our products. Any feedback or suggestions our clients offer will be taken into consideration for our future updates. This way you are always guaranteed to have the best product out there.

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Can I get an (online) demo or presentation?

We are happy to give you a presentation on location. When a presentation on location is not possible, we can always do this over the phone or through Skype. We are more than willing to show you how our product can assist and improve your day to day business.

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How long is the free trial period and what can I do with it?

During your free trial, you have complete access to all the features of our system. The free trial period ends after one full standard month and based on your chosen plan you will get access to certain tools and features. To see what’s is inside each of our subscription plans, please take a look at our pricing page here.

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Does support appointment packages/subscriptions?

Yes! We are very proud of our packages and subscription system. The possibilities are endless from regular time for time packages to unlimited subscription packages. It’s all possible.

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Do you use apps?

Client app

We’re currently working on an app for your clients on iOS and Android. Within this app, it will be much easier for your clients to book lessons and to receive coaching. If you are a Premium user you can brand the app as it will look like it is an app from your own academy with your name, logo and colors.

Pro app

When the client app is launched we’ll investigate the need for a new Pro app. Whether you’re using an iPad on the range or working on a desktop in the shop. Our platform scales perfectly to all screen sizes from any device.

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How can my clients book appointments?

When you have an account with us you also have your very own unique client agenda link. This link will open your agenda with the availability you have set for your clients. This link can be used in any website or even in the signature of all your emails. This way your clients are always able to see your availability and book an appointment right away.

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What does offer? is a booking and management platform specialized for golf professionals and academies. Our booking system is the most complete online agenda system available. Next to a complete booking system, allows you to coach and keep track of your clients as never before. Send your clients personal messages, track their progress, and send them coaching, using a video, image, word or PDF file. All this is possible in just one single system!

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Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! We don’t like to see you leave but you can cancel your subscription with one single click on a button.

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Are there any extra or hidden costs? does not have any extra or hidden costs. What you see is what you get. Unlimited appointments and data for one price. Additional products like branded packages or multipro have their own costs.

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Can my clients pay online?

Yes!, We are using a link with a world wide payment company names Stripe. For more info you can check online payments under your settings or contact us.

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On which devices does the system run?

Our system is completely web based and will run on any device, platform or browser that has access to internet. Our app is currently only available on the iPad and iPhone.

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We offer extended free trials during the COVID-19 period!

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