system update V.43

Hi All,

We have released a new system update for you. Please read all updates below carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

New Features

We are currently working very hard and are in the final phase of testing on our new academy management tool. Is this update we do not have any new features integrated.

System improvements

  • Multipro| Improved functionality of shared appointment types and packages
  • Multipto | No longer blocked after failed login attempts
  • ProAgenda | Improved the package export feature
  • ProAgenda | Reminders are turned off in Outlook and Gmail sync items
  • ProAgenda | Improved external agenda sync performance
  • ClientAgenda | Improved the package purchase confirmation screen
  • ProAgenda | Fixed performance issues with new IOS update

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Multipro | improved performance on tablet
  • Multipro | Fixed issues with new IOS update
  • ProAgenda | Update Credit Card field added
  • ProAgenda | Correct availability period now shows on top with multiple periods
  • ProAgenda | Payment checkmark can’t be removed with online payment
  • ProAgenda | Improved landing page after subscription activation
  • ProAgenda | Improved styling and outlining on some pages
  • ProAgenda | Help box removed from setting pages
  • ProAgenda | Fixed issue where Headpro login showed incorrect timeslots
  • ProAgenda | Fixed issue where uploaded coaching from smartphone showed up tilted

Academy tool almost ready

As mentioned we are in the final testing phase of our brand new academy tool and we are really excited to show you this as soon as possible. We hope we can inform you on this in the next update

System down for server update

Due to server maintenance our system will be down on November 13th between 9PM and 10PM UTC.

Our apologies for any inconveniences caused by this