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Brand new academy management tool ready for use

Product updates

Our brand new Academy management tool is here! 

We were very busy attending the PGA Show in Orlando so we are now finally able to get you guys up to date with the latest developments.  We have been working very hard on our new academy management tool and we can say it is now officially available for all current Branded academy and Multipro subscribers. Our latest customers are already running on this new system and we are working on transferring all existing academies. If you would like to speed up this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

So what does our new academy management tool have to offer:

Academy management features:

Full academy control!

  • Manage your entire academy form adding and removing agendas, users, appointment types, packages, etc.
  • No need to access our support, You have full access!

Academy agenda (Former Multipro)

  • Create your own academy agenda(s) and create a user for specific access;
  • Book, cancel, and edit appointments;
  • Access client accounts for appointment history and packages.
Client management
  • Get full access to all clients and all their data within the academy;
  • Make filters and selections on ever extending criteria’s;
  • Export your selections to Excel or PDF.

Agenda Manager

  • Access all agendas with a single click through the Agenda Manager;
  • Get full access to all agendas within the academy.


  • Create business reports from your academy;
  • Choose from an ever-extending list of exports like financial and appointment reports;
  • Save your favorite reports for quick use;
  • Export your reports to Excel or PDF;
  • Quickly email your reports straight from the reporting screen.


  • Create your own branding;
  • Change your colors and logos at any time;
  • Set your email header image;
  • Create your academy email signature for all automated emails.

Academy appointment types

  • Manage all appointment types directly from the academy;
  • Quickly share appointment types over agendas (no more duplicate entries!);
  • In or exclude the agendas of your choice;
  • Regular, Group, and group courses.

Academy Packages

  • Manage all packages directly from the academy;
  • Share packages over pros within the academy (No more duplicate entries);
  • Allow packages to be booked over multiple agendas;
  • Stamps and 2 subscription type packages available.

Academy online payments

  • Activate online payments for your academy;
  • Receive all online payments in one account;
  • In or exclude the agendas you want to receive payments for;
  • Stripe account for online payments.

Email templates

  • Manage all email templates within your academy;
  • Change any automated email to your liking;
  • Option to reset to the default template.


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