System update V21.02

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Hi All,

We are back with our second system update for this year. In this update we have added a new feature that has been requested by academies for some time now: The follow up email! This feature allows the academy to automatically send an email to a client after they had an appointment.

We are looking to extending this feature even more in the near future to help our pros and academies with their marketing and client retainment.

  • Academy | marketing/email automation (Follow up emails)

With a Premium subscription, its now not only possible to edit your outgoing email templates but also to activate or deactivate them and to make use of our new follow up email template.

This template allows you to send an automated email after an appointment to your clients. You also have the choice to only let the system send the email if the client does not already have a new appointment booked


  • Academy | When removing an agenda from academy, clients can now be transferred to different agenda


  • Academy | Fixed Issue where sometimes previous viewed client package details would show
  • Academy | Fixed issue where shared packages did no longer show when agenda was removed
  • Pro | Fixed issue where client was removed from appointment when removing 1 item in multi day group appointment
  • Pro | Fixed issue where payment info did not seem to save correctly in some cases
  • Pro | Fixed issue where default currency was not automatically selected in settings
  • Pro | Fixed issue where it was sometimes possible for client to book in the past

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