System update V20.06

Product updates

Hello All,

We hope everyone is doing well and is staying healthy during this global crisis. If not, We hope you get well soon and wish you all the best. We know these are hard times for everyone but together we can pull through!

We are still working hard on improving our systems to provide you all the best system available. Here are the V20.06 system updates:

New Features

  • No major new features were added during this system update

System improvements

  • Academy | Added resource management to academy agenda settings
  • Academy | Added share clients option to Academy agenda settings
  • Academy | Added first and last name to user management
  • Academy | Appointments price booked with a package set to 0 for accurate reporting
  • Academy | Improved add agenda page with correct texts to make things more clear
  • General | Updated payment systems to latest versions
  • General | When clicking password forgotten, the system checks and gives notification if an email address is registered in the system

Bug Fixes

  • Academy | Fixed issue showing incorrect packages
  • Academy | Page will now refresh when clicking back to dashboard
  • Academy | Subscription now shows correct subscription price
  • ProAgenda | Fixed issue where show all clients caused the system to get stuck
  • ProAgenda | Fixed issue where no email was sent to the pro when media was uploaded by client to share
  • ProAgenda | Fixed issue where appointments with price 0 were navigated to the payment screen
  • General | Minor backoffice bug fixes and system improvements


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