System update V20.08

Product updates

We hope everyone is still staying safe and healthy. In some countries, we are hearing some good news about the lockdown being slowly released and courses are allowed to open again. Let’s hope this trend continues.

We have continued to work hard on improving our platform for you all. In this new update, we have a new highly requested feature to show you as well as the usual improvements and fixes. Here is the V20.08 update list:


  • Restrict future bookings

With this feature, any pro will be able to set a specific time period to allow bookings to be made in the future. This means a pro can set his future bookings to be allowed only in the next month from today for example.

For a more detailed explanation, check our support page here: SEE HOW IT WORKS


  • Academy | Assigning a shared academy package no longer requires a pro selection to be made.
  • Academy | Adding existing appointments now has a date selection function to improve performance
  • Client | Client can now delete their accounts from their profile page


  • Academy | fixed issue where item jumped to top when saving
  • Academy | Fixed issue where closing edit screen saved changes
  • Academy |Fixed issue where incorrect subscription end date was shown
  • Pro | Fixed issue where it was possible to allow no appointments on a package
  • Pro | Improved Google sync performance and stability
  • Client | Recurring appointments can be paid online at a later stage now.
  • Client | Show correct notification when breaking of payments through iDeal
  • More minor bug fixes and improvements

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