System update V20.09

Product updates

Hi all!

We are very happy to hear that more and more countries are deciding to slowly come out of the lockdown and golf courses are allowed to open their doors again. We have noticed a big increase in bookings in the last two weeks which is, of course, a really good sign.

We ourselves have been busy as well and below you can find the details of our latest system release. We are also pleased to let you know that the new client app is making good progress and we hope we can share the first images with you very soon!


We have no major new features in our current release. Check below for our smaller feature and system improvements.


  • Academy | It is now possible to import clients into the academy through the client’s page
  • Academy/Client | In the academy booking view, clients can now choose which pro they want to buy a package from
  • Client/Pro | Clients can now see the offered packages before logging in
  • Client/Pro | Pros can now offer a direct link to the buy package page for their clients SHOW ME HOW
  • Client/Pro | Group appointments will now stay visible when fully booked
  • Pro | Logbook items are improvement and draft status will update after successful/unsuccessful payment


  • Academy | Reports improvements and fixes
  • Academy | Fixed issue where a recurring item was always booked 20 times
  • Academy | Fixed issue where menu broke after not entering certain settings
  • Pro | Fixed issue with country selection tool
  • Pro | Fixed issue where price was set to 0 when appointment is marked as paid.
  • Client | Fixed issues with online payments of group appointments
  • Client | Fixed issue where in some cases wromng branding would show
  • Client | Fixed issue with page loading when there are too many group appointments available
  • General | Minor backend fixes and improvements

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