System update V20.10

Product updates

Hi All,

We hope you are staying healthy and business is getting back to its usual self. We are here with another system update. Read all the updates in our email below.

We have had some email deliverability issues lately for which we would like to apologize. We have located and fixed the issue and the last days we are noticing all emails are coming through correctly. We are also building extra measures to make sure this does not happen again. We thank you for your patience


  • Use emoticons in your agenda and coaching system
Maybe not a major feature to announce but we have added this feature to hopefully make your business a little brighter with the use of all the well known emoticons.
These emoticons can be used as a playful way to communicate with your clients but also as a very practical system to instantly notice different bookings and appointments

Read here how to add emoticons and how to use them


  • Academy | We have created a new setup wizard helping new academy accounts with their initial setup
  • Academy | We used our new wizard tool to create a wizard for the academy client import tool
  • Academy | Academy can now edit agenda details like name, phone and email
  • General | We have started using a new tool for video processing, making coaching videos available to clients and pros more quickly
  • Pro | Pros can now set the name the browser displays when opening their agenda
  • Pro | Client appointment screen have been improved to one screen with date selection for easier use


  • Academy | Fixed issue where clients could not be added to selected group appointments in settings
  • Academy/pro | Phone number no longer mandatory for client invite
  • Academy/pro | Removed Middle name as invite criteria
  • Client | Fixed issue with incorrect decimal symbol
  • Client | Fixed issue where ideal payment confirmation kept reappearing
  • General | Fixed issue where system emails did not reach their destination
  • General | Multiple minor backend and performance improvements

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