System update V20.12

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Hi All,

Another update has gone live. Nothing fancy this update. We mainly focused on bug fixed and minor system improvements.

Here are our updates for V20.12:


No new features worth mentioning

  • Academy | Clients can now be invited for the academy instead of a specific pro


  • Academy | Fixed issue where timeslots did not show correctly
  • Academy | Fixed issue with UI problems when importing clients
  • Academy | Fixed issue where space did not always work in client search bar
  • Academy | Downgrading subscription now locks out higher features correctly
  • Academy | Added logbook entries and improvements
  • Academy/Pro | Fixed group appointment pricing issues
  • Pro | Removed trial notification when part of an academy
  • Pro | Fixed issue selecting clients in Safari browser on iPad
  • Pro | Fixed issue that showed error when deleting media
  • Pro | Fixed issue when adding manual availability at end of existing availability
  • Pro | Fixed issue not receiving booking email when paid online
  • General | Fixed issue with password reset (Wrong notification shown)
  • General | Fixed issue with wrongly expiring subscriptions

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