System update V20.13

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Hi All,

We have a big update launched for you with some nice new features and system improvements a lot of you have been asking for.

Here are our updates for V20.13:


  • Setup your academy email for sending system emails (Premium)

It was already possible to send system emails from your academy email address to your clients but we have now integrated the possibility to set this up/change this by yourself. All this can be done in the academy settings/emails

Customized emails is a premium subscription feature. For more information check

  • Pro | Improved Voucher feature

We have improved our voucher feature for more versatility in use. With regular vouchers, it is now possible to set a limitation on the number of uses or set it to unlimited. The unlimited option can work for example if you have a specific group or members that are able to purchase appointments for a standard discount. Just create a voucher and distribute the voucher code to the specific members and they can use this with all their bookings.

  • General | Divide system user accounts

We have made sure that the client, pro and academy user accounts are now all separate within our system. This means that you can create any of these three accounts with the same email address, making logins easier to remember.

  • Academy/Client | Appointment type colors now show to clients and in academy agenda

The color that is set for a specific appointment type now also shows in the Academy Agenda and Client Agenda. For the Client Agenda, this only goes for group appointments. This way you can make recognizing different appointments easier

  • Pro/Academy | Different emails for ordered and purchased package

We have added different email templates which will show difference in a package ordered by the client (not paid for) and purchased by the client (paid for)


  • Academy | Added price and payment function to other appointment type
  • Academy | Fixed issue where limitations in subscriptions did not work correctly
  • Academy | Fixed issue where academy agenda did not work without headpro selection
  • Academy | Fixed issue where changing package minutes could only be done in 30 min intervals
  • Academy | Fixed UI issue in email templates
  • Academy | Fixed issue where user could not get correct academy agenda access
  • Pro | Fixed issue where no timezone could be selected for agenda sync
  • Pro | Fixed issue adding existing appointments to package in Safari browser
  • Pro | Fixed issue sending expired package email to incorrect pro
  • Client | Fixed issue where multiple quick clicks could book an appointment multiple times

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