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Hi All,

We are back with another system update. We have added some new features this time together with some smaller system improvements.

Read all about the 20.20 system update below


Academy feed  (Premium)

As an academy with a premium subscription, it is now possible to add files to your academy feed. This feed is accessible to all your clients and can contain many file formats like videos, images, pdf’s and word files. This academy feed can be used to add coaching videos to so all your clients can access these from a specific page.

For more detailed information, you can join our quarterly feature roundup live stream on January 7th

  • Academy | Pro names fixed in Academy agenda

When scrolling down in the agenda, the pro name will now stay fixed at the top of the screen

  • Academy | Improvements to client page

It is now easier to access the clients login details and reset them from the client details screen

  • ProAgenda | Improved package update function

We have integrated a new system when updating package details making sure it is now longer possible to make incorrect changes to existing packages

  • ClientAgenda | Date forward and backward button

We have added the long overdue function on mobile to quickly navigate to the next week/day with one click

  • ClientAgenda | Coaching button with academy feed added to top menu

We have added a new Coaching menu button at the top of the client agenda so clients can access their coaching and the new academy feed easier


  • Academy | Improved single pro view in academy agenda
  • Academy | Now possible to remove clients from academy database
  • Pro | Can now book recurring appointments when there is no availability set
  • Pro | Increased number of historical coaching items to show
  • Client| Passwords allow more symbols


  • Academy | Fixed issue where invites did not appear in voucher send list
  • Academy | Fixed issue with new client report
  • Academy | Fixed issue where some logbook items did not display
  • Pro | Fixed issue with duplicate items in agenda export
  • Pro | Fixed issue with all day event booking
  • Pro | Fixed issue where clients do no longer show in alphabetic order
  • Pro | Fixed issue where sold package export did no longer fill paid column
  • Client | Fixed issue where multi day group appointments did not show far in the future

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